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Panel Discussion Jun 2021

Covid 2nd wave learning and preparedness for future waves - What actions are being taken by the Supply Chain Leaders

AGM Jan 21.jpeg

AGM 2021

The Chamber discussed the roadmap and plan for 2021 and brainstormed on various ideas to increase engagement.


CxO Retreat 2

CXO Leadership Retreat Oct 20 - Pankaj Bhardwaj - Customer Centricity is the key business growth driver.....

Main Avenue

Urban Logistics

Increasing land access, developing infrastructure & reducing operational complexities will enable Urban Logistics

Crossing the Finish Line

Supply Chain Agility

Survive, Revive, Grow:

A discussion on the new paradigms for Supply Chain

CVSCL Ports.jpg

Panel Discussion May 2021

International Logistics - Current Situation and Outlook was the topic of the panel discussion that had experts from industry.

Sustent Image.jpeg

Supply Chain Sustainability

 Stenum Asia made a presentation on how they are helping the brands to achieve their Supply Chain Sustainability Goals.

Roman Manthey.jpeg

CxO Retreat 3

CXO Leadership Retreat Oct 20 - Roman Manthey - Technology, Talent & Leadership should complement each other...

Syook PPT.png

Supply Chain Tracking

Syook displays in real time, location of movable assets in the facility and notifies about relevant operational events.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Public Health Supply Chain

Public healthcare supply chain is critical for delivering healthcare to the lowest strata of society. While challenges are many, solutions.

CVSCL Feb 21.png

Round Table Feb 2021

The roundtable had a presentation by Dr. Bhasi on Multi Level Logistics Optimization and Case Study on AEO by Kartik Shah


CxO Retreat 1

CXO Leadership Retreat OCT 20 - Suresh Narayan's Presentation - Supply Chain Leaders need wear multiple hats....

Magnifying Glass

CVSCL Vision & Plan

CVSCL vision is to be a leading professional body for the supply chain thought leadership...

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Consumer Supply Chain

Future Supply Chains for consumer products have to be VUCA ready and driven by business intelligence

Modern Beer Brewery

Manufacturing Whitepaper

The top 3 challenges of manufacturing are the increase in revenue, profits and improvement in compliance

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